My Experiences

I worked as software development intern at Typeless, a Berkeley SkyDeck start-up, developing a backend containerization project.

I believe in furthering diverse initiatives in tech through my role as Director of CS KickStart at UC Berkeley.

I've also co-founded Peer Rising AI Camp, a community project bringing tech opportunities to underserved students.

Danica's projects

Peer Rising AI

My entrepreneurship endeavor started from UC Berkeley Haas School of Business's challenge lab. We are bringing tech education opportunities to underserved students in rural and small towns. Above is a picture from my cohort for Peer Rising AI Summer Camp in July 2023.

Word History Visualizer

Created from scratch a back-end implementation of a history of words web visualizer from scratch, mirroring Google’s NGram Viewer. A large scale data structure backend project.

Build Your Own World: Plant Hero

    Designed an adventure game from scratch in Java using a 2D array game board, with the theme of a robot saving Earth. Developed an engine to generate unique maps with randomized walls, rooms, and doors. Feel free to email me to view the code and try it yourself!

Directing CS KickStart

    I organized a week-long summer camp introducing 120+ UC Berkeley women to computer science. This was a huge effort and required lots of team collaboration, and it tested my project management and organizational abilities. Check out more about CS KickStart: here

💬 Over 10+ of my additional personal projects, implemented from little to no starter code, including machine learning, housing classification, scheme interpreter, autocomplete game, 2048, word history, Build Your Own World, the snake game, 61CPU, and Parallelism are all in my private repo as required by my university. I can give access upon request for potential employers, please email me at

Want to connect ?

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